Sharing the joy of opera and music theatre with young people.

Discount tickets for schools 

Inspire your school group with the transformative power of story through song and theatre. Purchase discounted tickets for school groups to upcoming productions and apply for a free incursion.

Victorian Opera will be performing Hansel and Gretel in Mildura, Bendigo and Sale in October.


Victorian Opera can visit your school and help your students discover the magical world of opera. Victorian Opera can create a tailored incursion to suit your needs for a fee.  

Education resources 

Teachers can access online education resources aligned with curriculum, including practical activities to further engage and develop their student's creative thinking. Search our resources.   

Work experience 

We welcome students who have a genuine curiosity about all aspects of the performing arts industry and specifically the area in which Victorian Opera specialises. Students would be exposed to all the different departments of Victorian Opera not just the performance elements. 

Currently work experience places for 2017 have been filled. 

Professional Development 

Opportunities are provided throughout the year, exist for teachers and industry professionals to develop and enhance their skills, build networks and gain valuable insight into the world of opera and theatre productions. 

For any further information on our Education, Access and Community programs please contact Education Officer Deborah Vanderwerp at or call (03) 9001 6413.